That Which Shall Not Be Named

Tomorrow, my partner returns to his regular job at a public school. Working at a school has its perks and, um, parts which are decidedly less perk-y. If you happen to be one of those people who, like Stacy, is solar-powered, contemplating the nine-month return to the indoors can be a real downer. Just to rub a bit more salt on the wound is the fact that I don’t go back to my school jobs for a week and a half.

Though the students won’t be in until next week, the professional staff reports early so they can get refreshed on how to be professional. You would think that at the beginning of his twentieth year with the district that he would be the consummate professional. Fortunately, Stacy has amazing colleagues who help make his trip through the academic calendar smooth.

Closer to home — in our home, actually — La-la and Bubs start school next week. New backpacks and all of the fillings have been purchased in anticipation. New shoes have been bought for La-la, whose continuously active body seems to eat new shoes for breakfast. Bubs has recently discovered the Joy of Flip-Flops, and will surely rock his until it’s too cold for his toes to stand the walk.

As much as I enjoy summer — and I do enjoy it — I actually prefer the comfortable if sometimes frenzied routine of the school year. This year, some days, I will be going through third grade for the second time, and I’m really looking forward to it (I learned so much going through second second grade!). Other days, I will be in a professional program at the university level. All sides of my nerd die will be in play(!).

Whether school plays a part on your life now or not, we all hold memories of our own time there — some fond and some not-as-fond. Maybe you did your time and never looked back. Or maybe you knew that working in a school would be as important to the lives of the kids you work with as your school staff was to yours.

If you’re one of the special few who chooses to teach or support, thank you.

What was your favorite grade or subject in school?

Who was your favorite teacher or school staff member?

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