The journey of life is so much sweeter when traveled with a dog.     –Unknown

I have had many dogs in my life. I was born into a dog family. Well, I was born into a human family that had dogs. When I was born, my family had two dobermans, Lady and Mace. When I was little, maybe two, Lady and Mace had puppies. We were awash in dobermans.

The fact of allofthedogs made my grandmother, my mom’s mom, slightly hysterical. She wouldn’t come in the house if the dogs were in; my mom had to put them in the yard. And the idea of the dogs being anywhere near me sent Gram over the edge. But our dogs were gentle giants, and Mace was especially attached to me, ever since I had joined the pack. He walked with me, side-by-side, always, except for the times I rode him like a horse.

lock up the dog

I don’t know what happened to Lady, but I remember that Mace either ran away, or, was more likely stolen, when I was about six. We didn’t get a dog again until I was eight. Addie was a miniature schnauzer, and she was sweet but feisty.  She was only eight when she died from pancreatic cancer. Losing Addie broke my mom’s heart, and she decided never to own a dog again. But my dog days were not over.

Several dogs later, my German shepherd mix, Piper, who was the best dog I’ve ever owned, died unexpectedly one day seven years ago. I had made a habit of having rescue dogs. Because Piper and my other dog, Memphis, were about the same age and I had them for about the same length of time, I figured he might not be long for this world. So I decided to indulge in buying a breed of dog that I’d long wanted to own: a Boston terrier. That’s how, long story short, I ended up with Beans, who is my favorite dog I’ve ever owned.

The first, blurry cell pic I got of teeny Beans.

If you’ve never owned a Boston terrier, or never known one, they are little clowns. There is a lot of literature that says that Bostons are a high-energy breed, and while that’s not wrong, there’s not as much literature that notes that Bostons tend to accommodate their owner’s personality. That said, while, like me, Beans has his dance-on-the-table party moments, he’s mostly a chill fellow.

Creepily sleeping open-eyed

I can confirm that Bostons snore like a freight train. I can’t tell you how many times I wake up with someone snoring in my face, think it’s my boyfriend, and open my eyes to see that it’s Beans. Though he typically starts his night at the bottom of the bed, by sunrise, he’s usually made it to the top, signaling that sleep time is done, like a furry version of one the pop-up buttons on a Thanksgiving turkey.

I can also confirm that other thing you may have heard about Boston terriers: they fart. A lot. Sometimes, they’re loud but innocuous. Sometimes, they’re silent but deadly. Beans is a sniper of the second variety. So if you hear the faint “pffft,” it’s best to relocate yourself or employ other evasive maneuvers.

You know you love me.

Beans is definitely a lover, not a fighter. He’s got an extremely sweet personality. When I was fostering, he attached himself to one of the babies I cared for. He has patience beyond measure with Lala and Bubs. Bostons’ naturally friendly, out-going personalities make them well-suited for families with kids of any age.

For me, the best thing about having Beans, and I hope you feel this way about your pets, is that he makes me smile each and every single day. Given the other things that have happened in my life in the six years I’ve had him, that’s not only nice, it’s necessary. Beans gives me the critical emotional support that only doggie love can provide.

He’s not a perfect dog. He took longer than usual to house train. He is an insatiable eater, and often tries to con one of us into an extra meal. He can be unreasonably stubborn at times (maybe he’s accommodated his owner’s personality a little too much). But he is, hands down, my favorite dog that I’ve ever owned, and I’m so glad I have him.

What pet of yours was your favorite? What made them your favorite?

Time for a rest in a cool spot
Teeny Weenie Chili Beanie — 3 months
Poser — 1 year

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