Good Friday, Good Readers! If you’re like me, you tailor your social media platforms to satisfy your interests (and maybe your curiosities). For some of you, that may mean that the topics reflected on your walls are similar across apps.

I happen to use The Big Three–which I suppose varies by age–Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for me, to access different programming. My Twitter is mainly connected to other writers, and some news sources. I use Facebook for access to upcoming events and to share in the goings-on in the lives of friends and family. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, both the news and the goings-on in others’ lives can lead to a fair amount of stress and possibly anxiety. That’s where Instagram comes in.

In the Social Media Universe, Instagram is my Happy Place. My Insta wall is exclusively dogs, food, and the works of other creatives. If I’m twitching for a social media fix, but can’t handle one more personal drama or bizarro story from this Alternate Universe political administration we’ve got going on, I just tap Instagram, take a deep breath, and relax.

I’ve made quite a few virtual doggo furiends over the past couple of years, and I thought, what better than to share some of the AMAZING and FABULOUS InstaDogs in my life with you?

So take a few moments and enjoy the debut trio of InstaDogs here on “Raising Someone Else’s Children, and Other Animals.”


Tilly is an English bulldog who lives with my friend Katie and her husband Dale. She is a bit over a year old, and other than her name, answers to “Puppilump,” “Land Hippo,” and Katie’s niece’s and nephew’s favorite, “Wrinkle Butt.” Tilly loves going on walks, and knows how to work her puppy dog eyes to get attention from passers by. She has no shame in soliciting love and pets. Follow Tilly and her humans at @diggindc.

Brown wooden slat background on floor and walls; chunky brown and white bulldog with wrinkly face sits on ground and leans on wooden wall.
Posing Pup
CIty scene in background. Up close, on right, face and front end of brown and white bulldog peeks out from a door. The bulldog is wearing a red vest and is ready for a walk.
City Girl!
Green, grassy background, with some trees in the distance. Brown and white bulldog puppy sits on the grass to the right. She has on a leash.
Nature Pup

Buff and Cooper

Buff and Cooper are both rescues, now living the good life with my friends Courtney and her husband Clark. Buff is an Australian Shepherd and Cooper is a Golden Retriever mix. Buff fancies himself the leader of the pack, while Cooper just goes along for the ride. These city dogs get plenty of time on the farm, because one of their humans is not only a dog-lover, but also a horse-lover (and ribbon-winning equestrian). A typical working dog, Buff gets into anything and everything, but one of his favorite pastimes is counter surfing for snacks. As for Cooper, he likes a good nap, anytime, anywhere. Follow Buff and Cooper and their humans at @courtneylpoole.

Green, grassy background. Two dogs lie side by side. The closer dog is a tri-color (black, white, tan) Australian Shepherd. The far dog is a copper and white Golden Retriever mix. Both dogs look toward the camera.
Thick as Thieves
Wooden floor; tri-color (black, white, tan) Australian Shepherd dog sits, looking up toward camera
Buff Strikes Again!
Green, grassy background with medium-size, fluffy copper and white dog sitting still, facing camera

Hawk & Ellie Mae

Anyone who knows me knows I love dogs in general, but have a real soft spot for Boston Terriers. Many of the furiends I follow on Instagram are of the BT persuasion. One of my favorite BT accounts is graced mainly by Hawk, and sometimes his pack mate, Ellie Mae. Both Hawk and Ellie are beautiful Bostons–Hawk, with what we think of as the traditional Boston tuxedo, and Ellie, with a striking brindle. These two must be exceptionally good-natured, because they let their humans do some serious cosplay with them, which results in some fantastic and funny pictures. This account is updated very regularly, often with videos of Hawk’s Gremlin noises and plenty of lives. Follow Hawk, Ellie, Marcel, and their humans at @bologna_hawk. I dare you to not boop Hawk’s excessively smooshy nose!

Cream-colored, fuzzy dog bed with two Boston Terriers lying side by side. Closer dog is black and white with brown/blonde brindle pattern on the black part. Dog behind is traditional black and white Boston Terrier. Both dogs look toward the camera.
Just chillin’
White, fluffy dog bed takes up whole background. Red felt hearts and gold felt stars decorate the bed. A black and white Boston Terrier lies in the bed. He wears a blue bonnet hat. The hat looks like a Care Bear face. The dog is looking up at the camera.
Beat the Monday Morning Blues
Green, grassy background. Black and white Boston Terrier dog stands on the grass. He is wearing a white, blue, and black plaid driver’s cap. His eyes are very bugged out, as he stares at something in the distance.
Get Off My Hecking Lawn Vibes!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed perusing the premier episode of “InstaDogs” as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. Happy Weekending, everybody, and everydoggie.

If you’re interested in having your furry friend featured in a future installment of InstaDogs, comment below, or email me at

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